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Download latest stable version

Version 1.2.7 public release (Jan 15, 2019) - changes

Direct download
Installer: VoiceMacro_1.2.7_Setup.msi
ZIP file: VoiceMacro_1.2.7.zip

*Click here for instructions on how to update*

Download from CNET
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Download latest test build

Latest test build (Oct 31, 2018)* - VoiceMacro_latestBuild_1.2.6.79.zip - changes
*Note: Copy the new "Plugins" folder to your VoiceMacro directory (not the data directory)!
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License Information

VoiceMacro has no Digital Rights Management (DRM), that means no Copyright Protection and it will never show you any advertisements

VoiceMacro is donationware, no registration or anything is required to download or run the application

VoiceMacro can be installed on unlimited numbers of PC's for free, however if you use this application regularly and like to see further developments and updates or if you just like to support this project any Donation is greatly appreciated!


System Requirements

  • Windows 7 / Windows 8.x / Windows 10 / Windows XP (Only Hotkeys, no Speech Recognition)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (Official Download site)


How to update

If you have installed from setup file (.msi):
Close VoiceMacro, then use the new setup file to update your current version, your settings, profiles and variables will be preserved.

If you need the latest features from the test build, you can overwrite VoiceMacro.exe with the new version from the latest test build ZIP file by overwriting VoiceMacro.exe in "C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceMacro" (if you used the default installation directory).

If you used the ZIP file:
Close VoiceMacro, then extract VoiceMacro.exe and overwrite your old version where you have put it. Your settings, profiles and variables will be preserved.

Note: "GlobalHook.dll" is usually not updated but to be sure, check the dates. Optionally you can also check the "Externals", "Sample-Profiles" and "Sounds" directory for new files or just overwrite the old files by default.

For more information about the directory structure VoiceMacro is using see "Data Directory" in the documentation.


Older versions
There is currently no known reason to download an old version, this is only informative!

Note to XP users: there are NO older versions of VoiceMacro with working Speech Recognition!

Archive of all public and latest build releases: https://www.voicemacro.net/download/archive

Version 1.2.6 public release (May 15, 2017) - ZIP / MSI - changes
Version 1.2.5 public release (Mar 19, 2017) - ZIP / MSI - changes
Version 1.2.4 public release (Oct 7, 2016) - ZIP / MSI - changes
Version 1.2.3 public release (Jul 4, 2016) - ZIP / MSI - changes
Version 1.2.2 public release (Apr 17, 2016) - ZIP / MSI - changes
Version 1.2.1 public release (Mar 8, 2016) - ZIP / MSI - changes
Version 1.2 public release (Jan 3, 2016) - ZIP / MSI - changes
Version 1.1 public release (Aug 20, 2015) - VoiceMacro_1.1.zip - changes
Version 1.0 public release (Jun 7, 2015) - VoiceMacro_1.0.zip - changes
Version public beta release (Apr 8, 2015) - VoiceMacro_0.9.9.8beta.zip - changes
Version public beta release (Feb 3, 2015) - VoiceMacro_0.9.9.6beta.zip - changes

Version public beta release (Jan 5, 2015) - VoiceMacro_0.9.9.5beta.zip - changes
Version public beta release (Dec 1, 2014) - VoiceMacro_0.9.9.4beta.zip - changes
Version public beta release (Oct 22, 2014) - VoiceMacro_0.9.9.2beta.zip - changes
Version first public beta release (Oct 10, 2014) - VoiceMacro_0.9.9.1beta.zip

>> Project start: July 07, 2014